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In this page you will find the lead information to the number one mexican products distributors in Tijuana, Baja California Mexico. We import mexican products to California and distribute all around the United States and other parts of the world. Mexican Products distributors leads in quality and service. We are wholesalers of mexican products with the best competitive wholesale prices in the market. Mexican products distributors has a wide variety of household groceries that are in very high demand by the hispanic/latino community all around the world.

Mexican products distributors buys its merchandise directly from the manufacturers in Mexico.
We can offer extremely low discounted prices on truckload orders since mexican products distributors obtains its merchandise from Procter & Gamble (Mexico) and Colgate-Palmolive (Mexico)
We distribute to Mexican Grocers and other wholesalers.

The most demanded mexican products include:

Detergents: Ariel, Foca, Roma, Lirio, Ace, Vel Rosita

Fabric Softeners:  Suavitel, Downy

Bar Soap: Palmolive, Zest, Jabon Zote

Cleaners: Maestro Limpio, Fabuloso,

Softdrinks/Food: Coca Cola Mexicana, Pepsi Mexican, Tehuacan, Salsa Valentina, Mexican Candy, Aceite 123

Other:  Charcoal, Religious Candles, Shampoo Caprice

Mexican products distributors handles orders by full truckloads.

Or by pallets for the San Diego – Los Angeles area.

For more information please Contact Us:

Andres Martinez

(619) 948-4565


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Mexican Grocers

Mexican Products distributors offers you a wide variety of mexican groceries that are on very high demand all across the United States. Plenty of mexican grocers are already working with us to distribute the best quality products such as:

Ariel detergent

Ace detergent

Maestro Limpio

Vel Rosita

Lirio detergent

Roma detergent

Foca detergent

Zote bar soap

Neutro Lirio bar soap

Palmolive bar soap

Zest bar soap

Suavitel softener

Downy softener

Aceite 123

Coca Cola

Pepsi Cola



These products are sold to mexican grocers for distribution, therefore we manage our sale by full truckloads. Or by pallets in the LA and San Diego area. Mexican grocers have found these products to be in extremely high demand. We can offer all of these in all of their sizes and presentations at very competitive prices.

For more information, go to our Contact Us page to request a catalog of our products and prices.

Andres Martinez

(619) 948-4565

Mexican Distributors

If you are looking for the best wholesale prices on mexican products distributors that are imported to the United States, then you are in the right place. Here you will find all the information you need to establish a strong relationship with one of the best mexican distributors of mexican products. Mexican products distributors offers you the most competitive wholesale prices to buy for you own store or distribution center. High quality products are brought to your company or wholesale business by mexican distributors. We manage our sales by pallet or full truckload orders. If you are interested in our products, which include:

Ariel detergent, Maestro Limpio, Lirio, Foca detergent, Roma, Caprice Shampoo, Zest or Camay bar soaps, Suavitel softeners, Downy softeners, Mexican Coca-Cola, Tehuacan or Pepsi Cola

Feel free to contact us:

Andres Martinez

(619) 948-4565

Mexican Distributors is an affiliate of Mexico Groceries, a company that has been in the market for over 25 years.